STANDIVARIUS mobile office ergonomics

Design & Craftsmanship

It is when you hold for the first time a STANDIVARIUS laptop stand in your hand that you realized the ingenuity and sophistication of such a gimmick.

The simplicity in opening and closing, the subtle curves and the polish look of the anodized aluminium tell you there is more than just metal, plastic and mass production. It is passion and dedication to provide the best experience you can have with an ergonomic device.

In early 2009, designer Smith Newnam embarked along with a group of STANDIVARIUS engineers on a journey to create the lightest and most user friendly laptop stand. A clear objective was set: portable ergonomic devices shouldn't be anymore bulky and heavy, difficult to handle and operate.
Daring design supported by best in class manufacturing technology were the means of the trial. A year and a half later, after countless hours spent in the design room, on the shop floor and in real life testing, we hope we can provide a much better work experience.

What makes then the STANDIVARIUS laptop stands so different?

1. Research-based ergonomic principles applied to every aspect of the STANDIVARIUS laptop stands.


The ultimate aim of any ergonomic device is to improve the health and safety of the user. Each and every detail of STANDIVARIUS laptop stands was conceived and crafted with this ultimate goal in mind.

Both arte and aero can be adjusted for optimal working posture that translates into a real reduction in back, neck, arm, and shoulder stress.

For safer handling and operation of the stands, all edges are polished and rounded using a proprietary technology. Furthermore, the Slide-Click-Lock™, a foolproof mechanisms, is incorporated in every stand to provide unparalleled stability.

2. Best possible user experience – it's what you find in every STANDIVARIUS laptop stand.

In the design of aero and arte stands, the engineers and designers team took a rather bold approach. Instead of creating first a model to be later tested and modified, they started by spending countless hours learning what the user of a laptop stand really wants. After all, it is you , in your every day life of business traveler or student who knows best what you need and what not. That's why you will recognize in each STANDIVARIUS stand a simplicity in both construction and operation. Either you're a beginner or expert, there is nothing really you need to learn for using any of the stands - it comes naturally as they were part of your work habits.

No extra features to complicate your life, no training on how to use it. Because this is what you care about...
3. Employing only carefully selected materials and state of the art manufacturing process.


Bringing down the weight and size to such extremes was not possible without the use of the finest quality materials available in the market.

For example the body is made from an aircraft grade aluminum engineered and manufactured in Germany. This panel can withstand a great deal of static and dynamic stress, similarly to steel that is 3 times heavier for the same performance.

Manufacturing is done with high precision industrial machinery, of the same tools used in building car engines and aircraft parts. This way, STANDIVARIUS engineers can control every production variable for quality and consistency.