STANDIVARIUS mobile office ergonomics

Corporate Solutions

Standivarius ergonomic solutions come standardized for general use, but they can be customized to better fit specific technical or visual identity requirements of a company.

Personalized services and the shared experience of other companies in their efforts to implement ergonomic initiatives can greatly increase your success rate in own deployed  initiatives.

The number of employees working on laptops is increasing as the workplace moves from the office to off-site locations and home offices. This trend dictates the need for adaptation to these new traveling conditions. Employer efforts to cater for this changes and secure employee’s safety and health are increasingly more challenging as trying to cope with new legal requirements.

STANDIVARIUS products and services distinguish on 3 major criteria:

1. Reliability and consistent quality.

STANDIVARIUS products deliver the same high quality over and over again. They are manufactured entirely with highest quality German and US components and machined in strictly controlled environment to insure the necessarily precision.
Each prototype was tested extensively in real life conditions (12+ hours of usage a day, frequent setups etc.) before being approved for market.
Very strict requirements for user safety were also followed.

2. Excellent long term acceptance among employees.

Failing to insure a long term acceptance by the users was a widely reported cause for unsuccessful ergonomic initiatives. Companies involved in the studies identified that the highest rate of abandoning of the proposed solutions by employees occurred after the first month.

When referring to mobile ergonomics, and specifically to laptop stands, things were very much in line with the above findings.
The top 3 criteria reported by employees for accepting a solution are:
• portability
•easy of use

STANDIVARIUS laptop stands were tested against this criteria, along with the closest competitors. It was observed a seizable higher acceptance of the STANDIVARIUS stands beyond the one moth period. One a longer period, the difference extended further.

The results came to confirm the efforts directed in delivering an improved user experience, critical in the success of such ergonomic initiatives.

3. Tailored solutions for the specific needs.

STANDIVARIUS laptop stands and accessories are designed to adapt to a wide range of laptop models and sizes. We are able to further modify features of our products for a better fit with specific laptop models.

Visual personalization for matching corporate identity guidelines or for corporate gift campaigns can be also carried out.

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