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Ergonomics & Health

The amount of time a laptop computer became part of the everyday professional and personal life is sometimes surprising. 8h+ in front of a computer becomes often a norm.

One's efforts to cope with such a sedentary and non-natural posture vary from relaxing brakes to setting up an entire ergonomic-friendly office. Results are also in a wide range, but it is a proven fact that even minor changes in the way we work can have great benefits on our health. The short distance to a better health should be easy to cover. But is it?


Unfortunately, each of us personal experience is the best to prove ourselves that making even small changes is difficult. Two main deterrents act in a subtle fashion:

The very human nature

Signs of fatigue and strain caused by bad posture are too many times insufficient incentive to make us take action. We keep on focusing on our work, and it is sometimes too late when we find ourselves "locked" in a painful position that cannot be ignored any longer.

What you have is not what you need

Maybe too often proper ergonomic equipment is either not provided or what is available just doesn't do for the purpose intended to serve. Switching to a work that requires no travel is rarely an option; in these given conditions it is virtually impossible to get the same level of comfort that you can achieve at your own desk.

As for the first problem, usually the bitter lessons learned after a stress related injury change our behavior. A doctor's warning about a strained back can be very effective and puts almost anyone on guard. Posture adjustments and exercise brakes can have immediate effects.
But, once again, it is human nature to slide back into the old way of doing things. As time passes, the same old pain is likely to reoccur.

Fortunately, for the second problem, there are solutions available. Even more, these solutions can help addressing the first one.
The unavailability of proper ergonomic equipment requires in the first place your own involvement in the research for the right solution. However much a HR Department wants to help, there is so much someone knows what you really need. Searching yourself for what you need insures you will not be given that something you never wanted.
And if you search well, you can find that ergonomic device to fit you best and not have to change it again.


A short guide for choosing the right portable ergonomic equipment.

We at STRADIVARIUS conducted extensive research focused on office ergonomics and business travel behavior. Large amounts of literature is also available to explain what is ergonomically correct and what is not. But most of the research  (including our own) is sometimes too technical, it is not what you might look for.
Instead of publishing here such research results, we want to share a few things we compiled after asking people how they got it right.


1. Assess your work habits and any heath issues you may have before making a purchasing decision.


Below questions can help you narrow down your product search

  • How often do you travel?
  • How much extra weight are you willing to carry?
  • What are your current or potential physically stressed areas - back, neck, spine, and arms etc.

Factor this data along with your other work habits, and you will see right away just what you need.

2. Don't try to address all the issues at once, it is not sustainable.


Even though you are excited about a healthier way of working, don't try to change 10 things all at once. It won't last more than a week.
It gets particularity annoying when these new rules make you slower and less productive. It is again in our own human nature to abandon them.

Instead, focus on a maximum of 2 things you want and need to improve. The chances for success are much higher.

3. Buy only what you need – more ergonomic products doesn't mean better health.


Resist the temptation to surround yourself with gadgets. One too many and you feel overwhelmed by the extra effort to set them up, let alone use them.
A exceptional ergonomic device is worthless if just gathers dust and never gets used.


A last piece of advice

You will find in both our competitors' and our offers ergonomic products that can improve your work experience. Each of them with pros and cons. Take your time, assess your needs, and choose what is right for you. It is worth all the effort. Because it is your health at stake, don't gamble with it. Later regrets are even more painful.