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Another true innovation in office ergonomics

Imagine you can work without limitations and enjoy the comfort that comes with having a document holder & a writing slope in a single ergonomic device. The frustration of swapping over ergonomic accessories for different tasks simply disappears. With nota UP you can do all of this because it can be individually adjusted to satisfy the highest ergonomic expectations of both activities.

Angle adjustment

As an in-line document slope inclinations vary between 6 – 18 degrees allowing for a comfortable viewing angle at the right height for the screen.

Ergonomically comfortable writing position

For note taking, nota UP draws forward over the keyboard and transforms into a perfectly angled writing slope. While using nota UP as a writing slope your hand is also protected by a foam strip for wrist protection.

Stable document position

An anti-skidding transparent foil makes sure the document you are reading is not slipping away. Placed under the foil, the document stays exactly where you want it to stay.

High quality finish

Nota UP is made of light but strong materials with steel support bars, aluminium composite top and anodised aluminium or white leg finish.

A space-saving champion

As well as combining two desktop accessories in one Nota UP the open structure offers a convenient place to store different office articles such as notepads, dictionaries or just simply push the keyboard under nota UP to make a bit of desk-space. It is so easy and beneficial to use nota UP in your every-day office work.

The guarantee of a high quality product

nota UP, like every STANDIVARIUS product, is built with the utmost care and concern for the user and the environment. We stand behind our products and principles with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy.
No question asked.

Accesories / Input devices
  • STANDIVARIUS solo X keyboard »
    • * Wireless 2.4G technology
    • * Low travel, scissor-key structure
    • * Slim-line-design to fit in a normal laptop bag
    • * Rechargeable micro USB, 6 months standby
  • numeric keypad »
    • * designed for high speed typing
    • * 4 special keys (browser, Tab, email, calculator)
    • * USB plug & play
  • inclination adjustments for ideal posture during writing or reading, preventing fatigue in the neck and back
  • Intelligent space saver on the table
  • Rubber foam for wrist protection
  • Serves also as document holder

STANDIVARIUS nota UP standard STANDIVARIUS nota UP compact
Color: grey grey
Weight: 2500 g 2500 g
Size (writing board): 526 * 326 mm 406 * 326 mm
Spacer bar length: 500 mm 380 mm
Space for keyboard 489 mm 369 mm
Inclination while reading: 6 - 18 degrees 6 - 18 degrees
Inclination while writing: 24 degrees 24 degrees


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