STANDIVARIUS mobile office ergonomics

wireless rechargeable keyboard

Using a highly reliable wireless technology, only 6 mm thin, weighing just 260 grams, the keyboard is the perfect accompaniment for STANDIVARIUS aero and oryx laptop stands.

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solo X - wireless rechargeable keyboard

The STANDIVARIUS solo X keyboard is the ultimate external laptop keyboard

Weight and size

• Only 309x 111x 6mm with weight of 260g


Connectivity and technology

• Instant plug-and-play set-up
• Robust 2.4Ghz RF wireless connection via nano receiver
• Micro-USB cable allows recharging from laptop or mobile charger
• Keyboard can be used normally whilst charging
• LED indicators for power status & caplock


Design, keys layout and mechanism

• Ultraportable design for mobile workers
• Off switch for travelling
• Rigid aluminium case for strength and lightness
• 83 full-sized keys with embedded multi-media keys
• Low-impact scissor structure for typing comfort
• Magnetic tilt-strip provides optional 5 deg. tilt
• Hi-definition key characters
• Travel sleeve
• Small footprint saves space and improves desktop ergonomics
• Conforms with ISO 9241 – part 4 & DSE keyboard requirements


Accesories / Input devices
  • numeric keypads »
    • * designed for high speed typing
    • * 4 special keys ( light, Tab, email, calculator)
    • * blue LED backlit keys
    • * USB plug & play
  • grip mouse »
    • * ergonomic hand position
    • * relaxation of the hand
    • * extra grip, excellent fit
    • * rubber covered surface
  • Low travel, scissor-key structure for an excellent typing experience
  • Full-sized keycaps with hi-definition markings
  • Slim-line-design to fit in a normal laptop bag
  • Wireless 2.4G technology, USB dongle
  • Rechargeable micro USB, 6 months standby
  • 0 degree or 5 degree tilt in the back

  solo X keyboard
Colours available black, white
Net weight and size 260g; 309*111*6mm
Package weight and size 300g; 325*117*25mm
Code ST352321 available in UK, NL, DE layout

This is how to pair a new dongle / nano receiver with your solo X keyboard (if the red LED is on, then recharge the keyboard first):

  • Switch off the keyboard using the switch on the right-hand edge.
  • Insert replacement dongle into a spare USB port on your laptop.
  • Place Solo X keyboard directly adjacent to the replacement dongle.
  • Switch on keyboard using the switch on the right-hand edge. As the blue LED flashes press the Esc and K keys simultaneously and release.

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