STANDIVARIUS mobile office ergonomics

adjustable writing slope

Reward your hands with a healthy and sustainable working position using an ergonomic writing slope for note making and note taking.


Available as:

nota m - adjustable writing slope

More details

nota M - perfect ergonomic writing and reading

  • very sturdy
  • excellent writing surface
  • helps desk space management
  • easy to adjust

The guarantee of a high quality product

nota, like every STANDIVARIUS product, is built with the utmost care and concern for the user and the environment. We stand behind our products and principles with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy. No question asked.

Accesories / Input devices
  • STANDIVARIUS piano keyboard »
    • * complete 86 keys layout
    • * chocolate type keys with scissors structure
    • * fit in any normal laptop bag
    • * available as wired & wireless
  • grip mouse »
    • * ergonomic hand position
    • * relaxation of the hand
    • * extra grip, excellent fit
    • * rubber covered surface
  • 3 inclination adjustments for ideal posture during writing or reading, preventing fatigue in the neck and back
  • Folded flat to be used as a writing board
  • Mobile to serve as a writing support
  • Rubber foam for wrist protection
  • Serves also as document or laptop holder

Color: charcoal blue
Weight: 1080 g
Size (folded): 440*370*12mm
Inclination: 15, 25, 35 degrees
Inclination adjustments: 3


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