STANDIVARIUS mobile office ergonomics

stands with document holder.

Scala evo belongs to the thinnest and lightest portable laptop and notebook stands with an integrated document / book holder


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Scala evo D - adjustable laptop stand with document holder

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Turning your laptop into a truly portable PC

The Scala evo laptop support redefines the concept of a portable PC. It is one of the lightest and thinnest laptop stands with an incorporated document holder

Making old fashioned laptop docking stations look obsolete

Designed to surpass its competitors it convinces through a sleek and professional design. Being the slimmest and lightest portable laptop stand with integrated document holder on the market it makes old fashioned laptop docking stations obsolete.

Scala evo D - a laptop support with
integrated document holder

The scala evo laptop stand combines the best of design, innovation and practicality. It weighs as little as 340g and folds flat to 3.8 mm easily fitting into any bag. The Scala laptop stand's incorporated document holder allows you to place a document in an ergonomic reading position and the attached rubber feet ensure a stable base for your laptop to be placed upon. The 4 available height adjustments make the scala laptop stand companion that adjusts to your needs.

The guarantee of a high quality product

Scala evo, like every STANDIVARIUS product, is built with the utmost care and concern for the user and the environment. We stand behind our products and principles with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy. No question asked.

Accesories / Input devices
  • STANDIVARIUS piano keyboard »
    • * complete 86 keys layout
    • * chocolate type keys with scissors structure
    • * fit in any normal laptop bag
    • * available as wired & wireless
  • grip mouse »
    • * ergonomic hand position
    • * relaxation of the hand
    • * extra grip, excellent fit
    • * rubber covered surface
  • Excellent mobility: 300gr, approximate the size of an A4 sheet paper when folded flat (295*206*3.8mm)
  • Height adjustability: 4 degrees of inclination, up to 40 degrees
  • Fully functional document holder: easily accessible whenever required
  • Excellent built: rubber feet to insure sturdiness and stability

Colours available natural aluminium
Net weight and size 300g; 295*207*3.8mm
Package weight and size 340g; 305 * 217 * 5 mm
Maximum inclination 40 degrees
Inclination adjustments 4


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